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The New York City Dining Guide

Every neighborhood and district in New York City has its own specialty food. The following is a dining guide for New York City.

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Every neighborhood and district in New York City has its own specialty food. The following is a dining guide for New York City.

Dining in Lower Manhattan

Food options in Lower Manhattan are limited to street vendors and fast-food restaurants. This is because many of the food establishments in Lower Manhattan cater to the Wall Street crowd, which tends to be quick eaters in a rush. Because of this, hamburgers, hotdogs, burritos and other fast food are the norm in this neighborhood.

Dining in TriBeCa

The streets of Tribeca are lined with quality restaurants and cafes. Because of its proximity to Wall Street, many of Wall Street bankers and traders invade the neighborhood during the lunch time. A meal in TriBeCa tends to be quite expensive, however you will get the occasionally celebrity sighting.

Dining in SoHo

Although not as hip as it once used to be, SoHo’s dining options still has a trendy vibe to them. The dinners in SoHo are mostly cafes, bars and lounges. This is due in part to the fact that most people dine in SoHo before a night out in New York City.

Dining in Chinatown

Chinatown in New York City features more than 300 restaurants that serve various types of Asian cuisine. In Chinatown, you will find everything from East and Southeaster Asian cuisine at pretty good prices. Many restaurants in Chinatown stay open till the wee hours. There are also many open-air markets that serve fresh produce from seafood to meat, squid and Asian produce.

Dining in Little Italy

Although New York City’s Little Italy only spans three blocks on Mulberry Street, it features a handful of Italian restaurants. The restaurants in little Italy are perhaps not the best Italian restaurants in New York City but they do feature an Italian charm that you will not find anywhere else in New York City. Keep in mind that dining in Little Italy tend to be quite expensive.

Dining in Nolita

Over the last couple of years, Nolita has become a Manhattan restaurant hotspot. The restaurants in this area tend to be hip and affordable. Many restaurants in this area are packed with beautiful well-dressed people having a good time.

Dining in The Lower East Side

The Lower East Side features many family-run restaurants and cafes that have a particular charm. These trendy establishments tend to cater to the various artists that live in the area.

Dining in The Meatpacking District

You will find many of New York City’s hottest restaurants in the Meatpacking District. Some of New York City’s most famous and well-established restauranteurs have a piece of real-estate in the Meatpacking District’s many renovated warehouses. Dining in this area tends to be a bit pricier than other parts of the city. This hip area caters to the well-dressed partygoers getting ready for a night out in the city.

Dining in The East Village

The East Village offers many diverse dining options at an affordable price. It is the top destination for foodies on a budget as well as gourmet diners. The area features a variety of inexpensive and popular establishments along with bars and sidewalk cafes. There are also various ethnic choices that range from Indian to Japanese and European restaurants.

Dining in Chelsea

Chelsea’s cuisine is closely related to its nightlife. So it is no wonder why the area has the highest concentration of 24 hour eateries. Many of the area’s restaurants transform into lounges as the night wears on. The area also features many ethnic restaurants.

Dining in Union Square, The Flatiron District and Murray Hill

You will find a variety of dining options in these districts. Options range from trendy upscale trendy restaurants around Union Square to Indian restaurants around Lexington and Third Ave.

Dining in Midtown West

Around Midtown West, you will find mostly large restaurant chains that cater to Times square’s tourists. Restaurants tend to be quite overpriced around this area. The restaurants around Hell’s Kitchen tend to feature many affordable and fun restaurants. Restaurant Row features many restaurants that cater to the theater crowd.

Dining in Midtown East

To dine in Midtown East, you need to have money. The dining experience in this area caters to corporate executives, socialites and fashionistas with money. There are, however, a couple of affordable cafes and delis that offer reasonable food at reasonable prices.

Dining in The Upper East Side

Along the various boutiques in the Upper East Side are various expensive cafes and posh lounges.

Dining in The Upper West Side

Although the Upper West Side is not known as a culinary hotspot, there are a variety of restaurants to choose from. Choices range from ethnic hotspots, quaint cafes and 24 hour eateries. The area also features many upscale grocery stores and gourmet bakeries in this area.

Dining in Harlem

Cuisine in Harlem ranges from Creole to Caribbean to African, but the most popular cuisine in Harlem is Soul Food. In Spanish Harlem, you will find many delicious Puerto Rican restaurants. Over the years, many upscale restaurants have emerged around Harlem as well.

Dining in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is world-famous for its Pizza. Some of the best pizza in Brooklyn can be found in Brooklyn Heights where you’ll find great pizzerias serving some of the best pizza outside of Italy. Park Slope has morphed into one of the best dining centers in Brooklyn, featuring many upscale restaurants as well as budget eateries.

Dining in Queens

Queens has a variety of low-cost ethnic cuisine in all of New York City. Ethnic cuisine that can be found in Queens include Greek souvlaki, Italian ices, Jamaican jerk and Indian dal. You will also find many ethnic grocery stores specializing in ethnic goods.

Dining in The Bronx

The Bronx is home to New York City’s best Italian restaurants, far better than those found in Little Italy. Belmont’s Arthur Ave. features special one-of-a-kind Italian restaurants that are reasonably priced and simply delicious.

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