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Chelsea is possibly one of New York City’s most famous districts. Chelsea lies roughly from 39th to 15th Streets, between the Hudson River and Fifth Avenue. Chelsea is mostly a residential neighborhood, with many townhouses, row-houses and apartment blocks. It’s a great place for lovers of contemporary art as there are numerous small galleries dotting its streets. It’s also a great place for photographers as there are still enough quirky sights to catch the eye, and the lens.

Art Galleries in Chelsea

The Chelsea section of Manhattan is full of amazing galleries. Over 200 galleries can be found in Chelsea. Galleries are usually open between 10am and 6pm Tuesday till Saturday. Most Galleries in Chelsea are on the ground floor and are located between Tenth Ave and West End Ave on 21st Street till 26th Street.

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers is a great place for sports enthusiasts. Chelsea Piers features two indoor skating rinks, a rock climbing wall, indoor soccer fields, batting cages, a gymnastics training center, a health club with a 25-yard swimming pool, basketball courts, sand volleyball, boxing ring, an outdoor ice skating rink, ¼-mile indoor track, basketball courts, spa, cardio and strength-training equipment, a golf club with 52 heated hitting stalls, an Extreme Park for aggressive in-line skating, a 40-lane bowling center and several restaurants.

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Friendly Advice

How Manhattan is divided:
Downtwon: south of 34th street
Midtown: 34th street to 59th street
Uptown: north of 59th Street
East Side & West Side: Fifth Avenue is the dividing line

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