Popular Jamaican Food

Jamaica’s food is some of the best that you will find in the Caribbean. Most of Jamaica’s food is home-cooked meals that feature meat or seafood. The following are some of Jamaica’s most popular dishes.


Ackee is well known as the main ingredient in ackee and saltfish. It is a fruit that has similar consistency and color of scrambled eggs. It is usually prepared with onion and saltfish. It is a popular breakfast food in Jamaica.


Curry was brought to Jamaica by Indian immigrants and was quickly adopted by Jamaicans. Curry is used in many of Jamaica’s most popular foods, which include curry chicken, curry goat and curry shrimp.


Dumpling is dough that is either fried or fried.


Festival usually consists of fired dough shaped in a slim shape.


Jerk is a seasoning that existed since the first inhabitants of Jamaica settled on the island. Some of the most popular jerk dishes include jerk chicken and jerk pork.

Mannish water

Manish water is considered by many local Jamaicans to be an aphrodisiac. It is a broth consisting of various parts of a goat (the head, the testicles and legs) cooked with green banana and seasoned with pepper and sometimes rum


Oxtail consists of ox tail cooked for a long period until it is tender.

Rice and peas

Rice and peas is probably the most commonly served staple served with any main dish. Rice and peas consists of rice and kidney beans cooked in coconut milk and other seasoning.


Starches are a very popular part of a Jamaican meal. The most common starches are rice, yam, cassava, breadfruit, fried plantain and dumpling (fried or boiled balls of flour)


Saltfish, as the name suggests is fish, typically codfish that has been preserved with a large amount of salt. Although the fish could easily be refrigerated, the salt provides the extra taste

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