Although it might be Negril’s most famous, Seven Mile Beach is certainly not the only beach strand worth visiting.

PHOTO: Jamaica Tourism Board

Perpetually cool and laid-back, Negril is often the first place that comes to mind when thinking of a relaxing beach-filled getaway. The cottages and beachside villas throughout the city are ideally suited for small honeymoons, destination weddings, group gatherings and retreats. Once you have chosen your accommodation, then, it’s time to enjoy what Negril does best: the great outdoors.


Although it might be Negril’s most famous, Seven Mile Beach is certainly not the only beach strand worth visiting. Bloody Bay Beach — or “the other Negril beach,” as many refer to it — is equally beautiful and relaxing. About an hour away in Westmoreland, Mayfield Falls features 21 natural pools and over 52 varieties of ferns. This off- the-beaten-path natural spa is one of Jamaica’s hidden gems. An experienced guide leads your 45-minute climb through mineral-infused waters whilst revealing various secrets of the falls.

Nature lovers can head to the Negril Marine Park located at the Negril Environmental Protection Area. The park is divided into several recreational zones and provides a unique opportunity to view the local marine ecosystem, which includes coastline, mangroves, off shore marine environments and coral reefs. True water lovers can’t miss YS Falls, located in nearby Cornwall. Used to supply logwood in the early 1800s, in 1992 the YS Estate opened its stunning seven-tiered cascading falls to the public. Visitors from around the world come to enjoy the wading pools that are fed by underground springs.


Before you leave Negril, you must pick up a few reminders of your stay. Arts and crafts are always viable options, and in Negril artsy items can be found along the beach or street-side from craft vendors, or at the local open-air craft market in the middle of town. The Negril Crafts Market features Jamaican goods, from wooden chess sets and hammocks to Rastaman carvings.


In Negril, you can munch on new Caribbean cuisine — a lighter, modern interpretation of classic Caribbean cooking. Over at Pushcart Restaurant & Rum Bar, diners can enjoy the vibrant spices and flavors of authentic Jamaican home cooking in a quintessentially casual Negril setting. The highlight of Negril’s West End is the internationally renowned Rick’s Café. Situated on rocky cliff s about 35 feet above the ocean, a major highlight at Rick’s is the cliff diving.


You may want to venture out to explore Negril’s many nightlife offerings. Bars, colorful reggae joints and nightclubs are sprinkled all throughout Negril.

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