Essential Jamaican Food & Drink

The following are the essential Jamaican food that any visitor should know about before visiting the island nation.


Jerk is Jamaica’s most well-known dish. Jerk is actually a cooking method which involves smothering the food in a tongue-searing marinade, then smoke the meat over a wood fire. Jamaicans Jerk any type of food. Examples include Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork.

Ackee & Saltfish

Ackee & Saltfish is Jamaica’s national dish and a delicious breakfast meal. Ackee is a fleshy, somewhat bland fruit and saltfish is salted fish. When mixed together, it is quite a delicious combination that resembles scrambled eggs.


Patties are baked pastry shells that are filled with spicy beef, chicken, vegetables or fish. They are quite cheap and filling.


Because Jamaica is an island nation, seafood is very popular. Snapper and parrotfish are popular. Another popular dish is escoveitched fish, pickled in vinegar, then fried and simmered with peppers and onions

Brown Stew

Brown stew is not soup. It is another popular Caribbean way of cooking that involves simmering meat, fish or vegetables in savory-sweet sauce.


Breadkinds is a catchall term for many starchy sides, from plantains to yam to cassava bread and fried dumplings


Jamaicans love their rum! The types of rum in Jamaica range from clear and light white rums, flavored rums, brain-bashing overproof rums (rums over 151 proof), deep dark rums, and the rare amber nectar of the finest premium rums.

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