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The Best Beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica is well-known for its picturesque beaches. The following are the 3 best beaches in Jamaica.

Doctor’s Cave Beach (Montego Bay)

One of the oldest and most renowned beaches in Jamaica, Doctor’s Cave Beach is not only the best beach in Montego Bay, but probably one of the best beaches in all the island. This 5-mile stretch of luscious white sand made Montego Bay a must see tourist destination. It has lovely white sand and azure blue sea but can get a bit crowded when cruise ships are in town. On quiet days however, it is very pretty. The beach features changing rooms and a beach bar but watch out for the vendors as they can be aggressive when peddling their wares.

Seven Mile Beach (Negril)

Seven Mile Beach is a must-see attraction in Negril. This beach is stunning. The water is clear and the sand (for the most part) is clean. You will encounter many beach vendors – each with their own hustle. Just tell them no, and move on. You can walk end to end (7 miles) on nice firm sand while enjoying the scenery and people watching. The beach is public so you can even walk past the expensive all – inclusive resorts. Clean aquamarine waters, coral reefs, and a backdrop of palm trees add to the appeal. When you tire of the beach, you’ll find all sorts of resorts, clubs, beach bars, open-air restaurants, and the like. Vendors hawk everything from Red Stripe beer to ganja.

Treasure Beach (South Coast)

Treasure Beach is a wonderful honeymoon location. It’s about a 2 hour ride from the airport, and some may enjoy the ride, seeing the way different people live, but it is a zigzag road through the mountains which might not appeal to some people. If you want a beach all to yourself…GO HERE! The water on the beach is warm and the view is out of this world. There are many incredible things to in this region, beautiful snorkeling, boat rides up the Black River, bike rides through the gorgeous rural Jamaica, eating the best and freshest lobster on earth at the Pelican Bar in the middle of the sea, amazing people, and you must go to the tiny little entertainment centre where you will find a gem on earth.

7 Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica at night (Stock Photo)

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