Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls is an absolute must do visit for anyone visiting Jamaica,young and old. It’s well organised with a tour guide to get you from the bottom to the top while another guide films everyone for a take home dvd (US$40). The staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and funny . You’ll need water shoes which they sell on site for $10.

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Dunn’s River falls is a famous waterfall that attracts several thousands of visitors each year. The waterfall is located inside the Dunn’s River Falls Park. The area itself is truly breathtaking, and the incredible cascading waterfalls challenge, refresh and delight visitors of all ages. Seeing or climbing the waterfalls at Dunn’s River is truly a unique and amazing adventure that every visitor should experience at least once. Dunn’s River Falls is known as the most popular tourist destination in Ocho Rios. It is actually one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Jamaica. dunns-river-falls

Dunn’s River falls is approximately 1,000 feet (300 meters) in height. Once you arrive at Dunn’s River Falls, you will follow a path and stairway that leads down to the base of falls. Water shoes or non-slip water shoes (available for rental at the welcome center) are required for anybody wanting to climb the falls. The shoes are available for rent if you do not bring your own. You have the choice of climbing the falls with or without a guide, depending on your comfort level. If you require help, there are plenty of Dunn’s River guides that will help you with the challenging climb and support you throughout the climb.

Climbing up the waterfalls is a very popular activity, often performed by tourists with the help from the Dunn’s River Falls and Park tour guides. You start at the bottom and work your way up the waterfall. Climbing Dunn’s River Falls involves taking a 600 feet (180 meters) climb from the base of the falls with other visitors, hand-in-hand, guided by experienced tour guides. Visitors climb the waterfalls in groups, holding hands. The rocks are slippery and it takes more than an hour to climb to the top. The Guides at Dunn’s River falls are experienced at leading visitors up the falls and will even take pictures for you, using your camera. You can start up the terraced falls, the rocks naturally forming ‘steps’ for you to climb. Along the way, stop in one of the many pools to relax and cool off. At the top, you get to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding rain forest.

Climbing Dunn’s River falls is not for the faint of heart. The rocks on the Falls can be slippery and some of the bases of the water swimming pools are a bit rocky. But the rewards are memorable photographs and a truly memorable experience. If you do not wish to climb the waterfalls, there are plenty of things to do. At the top of Dunn’s River falls is where you can find souvenirs, shoe rentals, locker rooms and changing facilities. At the base of Dunn’s River Falls is a beach that is perfect for sun lovers. This is where the river meets the ocean. dunns-river-falls-main jamaica-dunns-river-falls

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Friendly Advice

There are many authorized tour guides clothed in azure polo tops and briefs. These guides will guide you up the falls. The guides and videographers do an excellent job of assisting your group and make the climb entertaining. Of course, they anticipate to be well tipped for their services.

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