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Taking Your Honeymoon in Jamaica

A Jamaican honeymoon can be whatever you want it to be. Enjoy the vibrant city life of Montego bay or the quite seclusions of the beautiful beaches of Ocho Rios. Jamaica’s romantic honeymoon beaches are great and will offer you lots of entertainment and relaxation.

Some if Jamaica’s most romantic destinations include the famous Blue Mountains, the Cave Valley, the Nassau Valley and the Black River. And some of

A Negril Honeymoon in Jamaica
Honeymooners visiting Negril can indulge in some of Jamaica’s best beaches, including 7 Mile Beach and Bloody Bay Beach. Since it’s on the west coast, the water tends to be calmer and clearer, and the sunsets are a nightly show that every honeymooning couple must witness.

A Montego Bay Honeymoon in Jamaica
Honeymooners visiting Jamaica’s Montego Bay are situated directly in the middle of Jamaica’s nightlife. Mo Bay, as the locals call it, is the tourist hub of Jamaica and boasts the best nightlife (the “Hip Strip”) and 3 of the best golf courses in the Caribbean.

An Ocho Rios Honeymoon in Jamaica
An Ocho Rios honeymoon is a perfect mixture of beaches, shopping, and sight-seeing trips. Ocho Rios is for honeymooners who like to ride horses in the morning, browse a couple shops, and spend the afternoon on the beach.

A Southwest Coast Honeymoon in Jamaica
The Southwest Coast of Jamaica is a undeveloped area of Jamaica with pristine beaches and untouched natural beauty. Honeymooners wanting to experience the old world charm of Jamaica will absolutely love the Southwest Coast of Jamaica.

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