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Getting to Jamaica by Air

The island of Jamaica has two major international airports. The Norman Manley international Airport is close to Kingston while the Donald Sangaster International Airport is near Montego Bay. Both airports have undergone major renovations and are quite modern.

Jamaica’s Airports

Most tourists that arrive to Jamaica by air arrive through the Donald Sangaster international Airport, which happens to be 3.2 km (2 miles) east of Montego Bay. The other international Airport in Jamaica is the Norman Manley international Airport which is 21 km (13 miles) south of Kingston. Both airports feature a pretty long walk to the immigration area.

Jamaica by Plane

Most international visitors reach Jamaica by either one of the two international airports. Sangaster Airport is by far, the most popular entry point for visitors to Jamaica. Most hotels and resorts make arrangements for transportation for their guests from the airport. Noth airports accept flights from all over the world including airlines from the United States, the United Kingdom, and various other parts of Europe as well as Canada. Scheduled flights also arrive from a variety of Southern American countries as well as other islands in the Caribbean.

Arriving in Jamaica

Arriving to Jamaica by air can be somewhat of a surprise for tourists there have never been there before. You will be greeted by hustlers, storage helpers, and many taxi drivers and private shuttle bus drivers trying to get you into their vehicle. Keep in mind that many of the major resorts provide their own shuttle service and pre-book them for guests. So, make sure to verify shuttle arrangements with your hotel or resort before you leave.

International Flights to Jamaica

Jamaica’s national airline, Air Jamaica has frequent flights to the United States and Canada. International airline companies that fly to Jamaica include British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American airlines, Air Canada and various other companies.

Jamaica’s Departure Tax

There is a departure of J$1000 that is payable in Jamaican currency or US dollars. Typically, most airlines already include this price in their ticket.

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