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Uptown Manhattan

Uptown Manhattan is considered to be everything that is north of 59th Street. This large area of Manhattan has Central Park as its main attraction, but there are also many other gems located in Uptown Manhattan. Uptown Manhattan goes by many names. Some locals simply call it Uptown while others call it Upper Manhattan.

Uptown Manhattan features many popular NYC attractions. Some of the popular attractions located in Uptown Manhattan include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim and many other cultural centers located on Museum Mile. The Lincoln Center and the American Museum of Natural History are also located in Uptown.

Many visitors often view Uptown as the rich, upscale part of Manhattan. It is true that there are many high-fashion design boutiques, posh restaurants and luxurious hotels located in the Upper West Side. But Uptown Manhattan has so much more to offer.

Uptown Manhattan features the upscale neighborhood of Upper West Side along with the less flamboyant Upper East Side. To the North lies Harlem, which happens to be the capital of African-American culture, and the birthplace of Jazz music. Many visitors often think that The Bronx is also part of uptown. This is quite false since The Bronx is not even inside Manhattan.

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Friendly Advice

How Manhattan is divided:
Downtwon: south of 34th street
Midtown: 34th street to 59th street
Uptown: north of 59th Street
East Side & West Side: Fifth Avenue is the dividing line

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