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Top 6 Tips for Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is on the list of must-do activities in New York City. There aren’t many things that are free in this world especially in New York City but a nice walk (day or night) across the Brooklyn Bridge is always a great treat. The views are phenomenal and you get to meet many people from many places. The following are the top 6 tips for walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

1. Cross the Bridge from Brooklyn

The main reason why you should start in Brooklyn is for the view. The view of Manhattan from Brooklyn is significantly better than the view of Brooklyn from Manhattan. It’s not to say that the view of Brooklyn is not great, it’s just that the view of Manhattan is much better. In order to start your Brooklyn Bridge walk from Brooklyn, take the A/C train to the first stop in Brooklyn, High Street, and start your excursion there.

2. Do The Brooklyn Promenade First

It is recommended to first do the Brooklyn Promenade. This involves walking west to Middagh St. and following it all the way down to the Brooklyn Promenade. Walk south on the Promenade for about a third of mile. While there, you will be presented with breathtaking views of the New York City skyline. It is also the perfect occasion to look at the Brooklyn Bridge from afar.

3. Head back to the Brooklyn Bridge via Columbia Street

As you head back to the Brooklyn Bridge, this route will allow you to notice the gorgeous brownstone townhouses that made Brooklyn Heights such a popular place of residence. This is the perfect way to discover the charms of Brooklyn and discover what makes this borough so unique.

4. Read the Plaques on the Brooklyn Bridge

As you are walking on the Bridge, make sure to read the well-written historical plaques. These plaques give you a very good historical background of the Brooklyn Bridge.

5. Stay in the Walking Lane

There are two lanes on the Brooklyn Bridge: the pedestrians’ lane and the bicycles lane. Stay in the pedestrian land and do not wander off into the bike lane. Avoiding the bicycle lane at all times is the best way to avoid any type of injury. Try to also be respectful of joggers.

6. Cross at Sunrise or Sunset

The best time to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is at sunrise or sunset. During these periods, the colors are amazing and you have a small glimpse of the Statue of Liberty along with a wonderful view of the New York City skyline.

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