Carnival Tuesday in Trinidad

Carnival Tuesday is when masqueraders wear their full costumes and the bands are judged as they parade down the routes.

Carnival Tuesday starts much earlier than Carnival Monday. Carnival Tuesday kicks off at dawn and brings back masqueraders for more fun and chaos. Carnival Tuesday is when masqueraders wear their full costumes and the bands are judged as they parade down the routes. The madness of Carnival Tuesday lasts well over 10 hours and features beautiful costumes and elaborate decorations.

Carnival Tuesday

Carnival Tuesday is the Grand Fete. Carnival Tuesday goes by many names. Some of the most popular names include /strong>Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras celebrations or Carnival Tuesday. After the madness of J’Ouvert and the preparations on Carnival Monday, all that remains is Carnival Tuesday. Carnival Tuesday features lots of soca, jumping up, chippin’ and winin’. There is also plenty of alcohol and water to keep the masqueraders hydrated.

Masqueraders on Carnival Tuesday

Early in the morning, on Carnival Tuesday, masqueraders converge to their band’s music trucks and get ready to party. On Carnival Tuesday, masqueraders put on their costumes and get ready for a long day of partying and celebrations. Band trucks get their massive speakers ready by pumping soca rhythms in preparation for the gathering masqueraders.

Costumes on Display at Carnival Tuesday

The Masqueraders on carnival Tuesday don the beautiful carnival costumes that they purchased several months earlier and join their bands to display their elaborate costumes to the world. This is where you will see some of the most beautiful costumes in the world and this is what has become the symbol of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. Thousands of masqueraders flock to the streets to display their costumes and even more spectators show up to check out the costumes.

Judging the Masqueraders

Along the parade route, the various bands, along with their masqueraders are judged to determine the Band of Year. At the judging point, masqueraders from a particular band will group into their sections with other masqueraders who are wearing similar costumes. During this time, the Road March of the year is also chosen by the judges. The Road March is the song that is played most often at the judging point along the parade route.

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