• Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Guide

    Trinidad & Tobago: Beautiful Culture

    Trinidad & Tobago people know how to party and 'lime'.

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  • Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Guide

    Trinidad & Tobago: Beautiful Beaches

    There are plenty of beautiful beaches in Trinidad & Tobago.

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  • Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Guide

    Trinidad & Tobago: Beautiful People

    Trinidad & Tobago is a welcoming nation that welcomes tourists from all over the world

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  • Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Guide

    Trinidad & Tobago: Beautiful Parties

    Trinidad & Tobago people know how to party

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  • Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Guide

    Trinidad & Tobago: Beautiful Carnival

    Trinidad & Tobago is one of the top Carnival destinations of the world.

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The small island of Trinidad, and even smaller Tobago form the nation of Trinidad and Tobago, popularly known as “T&T.” The nation of Trinidad and Tobago is rich in culture and ethnic diversity. This diversity can be seen in the numerous festivals and events that take place all over the islands, including the amazing Carnival celebration which draws millions of visitors annually. But Trinidad and Tobago is also a nation that is rich in biodiversity with more than 430 bird species, 108 mammals, 55 reptiles, 620 types of butterflies along with the oldest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere.

The Trinidad and Tobago Travel Guide

Trinidad is completely different from the other Caribbean islands, which is part of its charm and appeal. Trinidad is the birthplace of calypso music, steel-drum music, and the limbo. The island is very multicultural and offers more ethnic diversity than any other island in the southern Caribbean. There is always something going on in Trinidad. Tobago, its sister island, offers a more laid back and relaxed atmosphere. Through the years, immigrants from almost every corner of the world have come to Tobago, making it a fascinating mixture of cultures, races, and creeds just like Trinidad. This travel guide will explore all there is to know about visiting Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad & Tobago’s Culture

Although Trinidad & Tobago does not offer as many attractions as other Caribbean islands, it is a popular destination for eco-tourism. What sets T&T apart as an eco-tourism destination is their rich combination of the flora and fauna of the Caribbean with the wilder aspect of the South American mainland. Once part of the South American mainland, Trinidad and Tobago are the most southerly islands of the Caribbean, lying just north of Venezuela and Guyana and just south of Grenada and Barbados. At its closest point, Trinidad is only 7 miles (11k) off the South American coast, and while Trinidad and Tobago are in very close proximity to the South American continent, the islands cultural identity and language is English.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Attractions

Although Trinidad is best known as the home and heart of West Indian Carnival, the nation also has one of the most diverse and absorbing society in the region. Unlike many other Caribbean islands, Trinidad and Tobago is not known of its Tourism. Although T&T has plenty of sandy beaches backed by palm trees, Trinidad and Tobago attracts a variety of visitors interested in wildlife, nature and the island’s rich culture. This includes a rich musical and culinary culture. Trinidad and Tobago is a nation blessed with an abundance of distinctive flora and fauna but it is also blessed with a unique and virbrant annual festival known as Carnival.

The People of Trinidad and Tobago

What sets Trinidad and Tobago apart from other Caribbean islands are their people. The people are part of the attraction of Trinidad. This tiny island is the most cosmopolitan island in the Caribbean. The island’s eclectic mixture of ethnicities includes Syrians, Chinese, Americans, Europeans, East Indians, Parsees, Madrasis, Venezuelans, and the last of the original Amerindian settlers of the island. You’ll also find Hindustanis, Javanese, Lebanese, African descendants, and Creole mixes. The main religions are Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. In all, there are about 1.2 million inhabitants, whose language is English, although you may also hear the local dialect, Trinibagianese.

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