Toronto Travel Tips

When To Go To Toronto

When To Go To Toronto

Toronto, like any other Canadian city, experiences the typical highs and lows of every season.

Toronto during the Four Seasons

Winter in Toronto . Spring brings warmth and blooming flowers. Summer in Toronto brings plenty of sunshine along with high temperature and high humidity. Fall in Toronto brings the color variations associated with autumn along with the cooler temperature. Winters in Toronto features several snowstorms, cool winter winds and snow flurries.

Visiting Toronto in spring

Toronto in spring is vibrant and colorful. There are colorful flowers and blossoming trees that help bring the city out of its winter slumber. Many of Toronto’s top attractions begin to stay open longer and outdoor attractions begin to open their doors in preparation for summer’s high tourist season. During springtime, Toronto’s weather can be sometimes unpredictable, and its still quite possible to get snowstorms in spring.

Visiting Toronto in summer

Toronto in the summertime offers plenty of sunshine and comfortable weather. Visiting Toronto in the summer allows you to take advantage of Toronto’s many festivals and events. You can expect an event on just about every weekend during the summertime with a varied selection to choose from. Toronto’s weather in the summer is usually pretty good and the daylight hours are much longer. However, you can sometimes experience extreme temperatures and the crowds for many of the popular attractions are quite long.

Visiting Toronto in fall

Visiting Toronto in the fall provides a cooler time to still see many of Toronto’s top attractions and highlights. Although autumn does not provide as many festivals and events, it is still a great time to visit Toronto. Many of the top attractions still open late and many outdoor venues are still open. But the best reason to visit Toronto in fall is for the wonderful colors as leaves start to fall and the wonderful colors of spring covers the city. During the fall, hotels in Toronto usually offer lower rates so, if you are an economical tourist, then this is the perfect time to go.

Visiting Toronto in winter

If you plan to visit Toronto in winter, then make sure to bundle up. Although Toronto ‘s weather is not as frigid and extreme as some of the weather you may experience in other Canadian cities like Montreal, you will still experience the occasional snowstorm. Many of Toronto’s attractions are still open, but the crowds are much smaller and there are fewer outdoor festivals and events due to the cold weather. The wintertime is the perfect time to take advantage of Toronto’s top arts and entertainment, particularly Toronto’s sporting events.

Average Weather in Toronto

The Following are average monthly temperatures in Toronto.

Rainfall Snowfall Temperature Highs Temperature Lows
January 1.1” 15.0” -1°C or 30°F -7°C or 19°F
February 1.0” 10.6” 0°C or 32°F -6°C or 21°F
March 1.7” 8.7” 5°C or 41°F -2°C or 28°F
April 2.5” 2.5” 11°C or 52°F 4°C or 39°F
May 2.9” 0.0” 19°C or 66°F 10°C or 50°F
June 2.8” 0.0” 24°C or 75°F 15°C or 59°F
July 2.8” 0.0” 26°C or 79°F 18°C or 64°F
August 3.1” 0.0” 25°C or 77°F 17°C or 63°F
September 3.3” 0.0” 21°C or 70°F 13°C or 55°F
October 2.6” 0.0” 14°C or 57°F 7°C or 45°F
November 4.0” 0.0” 7°C or 45°F 2°C or 36°F
December 1.7” 12.6” 2°C or 36°F -4°C or 25°F
Please note that these temperatures were recorded in downtown Toronto.

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