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The Toronto Dining Guide

The purpose of the Toronto dining guide is to list Toronto’s best dining areas. Although just about any neighborhood in Toronto will offer the wonderful restaurants and dining options, there are certain areas in Toronto that always offer wonderful and unique dining options. Most of these top restaurants can be found in Toronto’s downtown area.

Little Italy

Although Little Italy’s cuisine is no longer restricted to just Italian food, it continues to be one of Toronto’s top dining neighborhoods. You will find a very diverse selection of restaurants to choose from, particularly along College Street, which happens to be the neighborhoods main street.


this neighborhood offers many of Toronto’s high-end cuisine and exclusive restaurants. Many of the restaurants in this neighborhood are just as here and trendy as the neighborhood itself. You can expect to pay more for restaurants in Bloor/Yorkville, but will also find some of Toronto’s finest meals here.


Just like any other major city in north America, Toronto’s Chinatown features a wide selection of Asian cuisine that cannot be found any other neighborhood in Toronto. The best variety of Chinese and Asian food in this neighborhood can be found along Baldwin Street.

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