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Finding a Hotel in Toronto

There are plenty of accommodations available to visitors in Toronto. Hotels and accommodations in Toronto vary in type and price. Depending on the hotel, you can pay anywhere from C$100 to C$250 a night. You can also pay significantly more for some of the more glamorous and high-end hotels in the city. These hotel rates can also go up if you are visiting Toronto during its busy summer season or during a major convention or during one of Toronto’s most popular festivals.

Types of Hotels in Toronto

All the major hotel chains can be found in Toronto. Well established names like Holiday Inn, Hyatt and Sheraton have hotels around Toronto. These hotels are a great option if all you need is a clean, comfortable, and a safe place to sleep. If you are looking in each hotels in Toronto, then you may want to consider many of Toronto’s independent hotels along with special options like bed and breakfasts.

The best hotels in Toronto

The best hotels in Toronto are located in Toronto’s downtown core. This is the perfect location since many of Toronto’s best attractions, and top festivals and events take place in this area. If you close to all the action, then the best hotels can be found in downtown Toronto. You can find less expensive hotels outside of Toronto’s downtown core, but you will have to spend more on your transportation costs. If you want to take full advantage of Toronto’s various activities and events, you will want to find a hotel in the downtown core.

Finding the best hotel rate in Toronto

If you want to see on hotel prices in Toronto, then try visiting during the off-season. In Toronto, the off-season is from January to April, but keep in mind that some conventions or trade shows may occur during the off-season. If you happen to be visiting Toronto during one of these conventions, expect to pay more for hotel rates.

Book Your Hotel in Advance

Toronto is a city with plenty of events and festivals. Because of this, on any given week, especially during the spring and summer months, it may be especially hard to find a hotel in Toronto. Because of the many conventions, festivals, and other events that take place in Toronto, it is always wise to book your hotel in advance.

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