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Top 8 Best beaches in Tobago

Tobago is known for its calm and secluded beaches. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Tobago is known for its calm and secluded beaches. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you are planning to visit Tobago, the following is a list of the 8 best beaches in Tobago.

Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point is the undisputable leader as the most beautiful beach on the west side of Tobago. This postcard-perfect beach is accessible from any hotel that is located in Crown Point and is often considered Tobago’s most popular tourist beach. It stretches for miles and features a beach facility with bars, cabanas and restaurants.  This beach’s turquoise water and white sands is something that words cannot describe and must be experienced in person. Located on the quieter Caribbean Sea side of the island, this is a perfect beach for families, but also for wind-surfing and kite-boarding with the protected waters of the reef. Pigeon Point has lifeguards from 8AM to 6PM but you need to pay to enter. The current rate is 18 TT$ per adult and 10 TT$ per child, which allows access to food, drink, toilet facilities and a selection of huts and shelters.

Pirate’ Bay

If there is one beach that must be visited during a trip to Tobago, it has to be Pirate’s Bay. This picture-perfect bay features transparent, clear water on a beach that is dense with vegetation. If you have ever wanted to experience a deserted beach, then look no further than Pirate’s Bay. Located in Charlotteville, this hidden treasure is far from the usual tourist areas, which adds to its charm and appeal. And although this beach does not have lifeguards on duty, it is still very safe and the water is always calm.  You need to walk for 15 minutes from the center of Charlotteville to get to Pirate’s Bay.

Castara Bay

Castara Bay may not have the whitest beaches in Tobago and the waves may be sometimes rough, but this beach more than makes up for these shortcomings with its ambiance. This beach is so much fun and lively that it makes it easy to forget about its shortcommings. Castara Bay is known as a fisher’s beach so you will always run into locals that are always ready to chat and have a good time. There are a few shops, bars and restaurants, and at night there is a little more activity than you will typically find in Tobago’s villages.

Lovers Bay

Lovers Bay is the perfect beach for anybody looking for adventure or romance. This bay accessible only by boat from Charlotteville so you will need to commission a local fisherman or anyone with a boat to get to this beach.  Lovers Bay is one of many bays located inside the huge Man ‘O War bay, which includes several smaller bays. Lover’s Bay is a gorgeous cove featuring multi-colored sands and some of the best snorkeling in Tobago. It is definitely a hidden gem.

Stone Haven Bay

Stone Haven Bay is one of the few beaches on earth where the waters are both calm and agitated. This beach is also one of the few beaches where the sea turtles come to lay their eggs from March to June. It’s the perfect beach for observing local fauna and underwater flora.

Parlatuvier Bay

Paulatuvier Bay is a calm beach that is surrounded by a charming fishing village. This beach features excellent spots for jumping and diving, and with many large rocks that keep the by closed off, the waters are always calm for shopping. This beautiful bay is the perfect beach for finding a local fishing boat to go on the water with or a local fisherman to chat with. And because this beach is quite secluded, it is a perfect beach for a romantic walk.

Englishman’s Bay

Englishman’s Bay is one of Tobago’s crown jewels. About an hour’s drive from Crown Point, this romantic beach features turquoise blue water surrounded by wall of shady trees. This beach has been a winner of the Best Beach environmental award, it is a perfect beach for visitors to explore. Some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean can be had on this beach thanks to the coral reef which is filled with multi-colored tropical fishes along with a gentle slope that is tree-lined. This secluded and isolated beach does not have lifeguards on duty but there is a small restaurant that serves local food along with a handful of craft vendors and parking areas.

Store Bay

Store Bay is one of Tobago’s most popular beaches. Located right by the airport between Crown Point and Coco Reef hotels. Many local events are hosted on this beach. It is easily accessible, even by foot, offers great swimming year-round and features craft vendors, shops, toilets, parking and lineup of local cooks whose names are synonymous with good Tobago food. You’ll find local cuisine like crab and dumpling, corn and stew pork. It’s the perfect beach to soak up the local vibe.

Honorable mentions

There are many other beautiful beaches in Tobabo that did not make our list.  For example, the isolated Back Bay and Dead Bay or the deserted black sands of King Peter Bay.

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