Toronto Travel Guide

Toronto, the capital city of Ontario is a modern centre of culture, commerce, arts and entertainment. With its history, art and attractions, Toronto has everything that a visitor could want. Huron Indians named it the meeting place, and today, Toronto extends a friendly welcome to everyone.

Toronto is a continental gateway and a crossroads for the world, Toronto, Canada’s business capital ranks alongside economic powerhouses such as New York, Boston and Chicago. This is a city of innovation and ingenuity, a leader in everything from proteomics to debit cards. Toronto is the most diversified economy of any city-region in North America. Toronto ranks in the top 5 for more than 16 sectors compared to other North American cities and comparable to only Chicago and Boston each named 11 times in the top five cities.

Toronto’s Population

With 2.7 million residents, Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America. One-quarter of Canada’s population is located within 160 km (100 mi.) of the city and more than 60% of the population of the USA is within a 90-minute flight.

Toronto’s Economy

The City of Toronto’s economy comprises 11% of Canada’s GDP, with Toronto’s GDP topping $144 billion in 2011. Toronto-based businesses export over $70 billion in goods and services to every corner of the globe with retail sales of $62 billion annually.

Toronto: A North-American Leader

Five of Canada’s six largest banks have their headquarters near the country’s busiest stock exchange. Centred in North America’s 3rd largest financial services centre are 75% of Canada’s foreign banks, and 65% of the country’s pension fund companies.

Toronto’s Location

Some 150 million customers and suppliers are within a one-day’s drive from Toronto. Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is within easy reach of the city’s central business district and provides flights to over 300 destinations in 54 countries through 64 carriers.

Toronto’s Transportation

With four major highways, multi-modal railway facilities, a Great Lakes port and an international airport handling over 30 million passengers and 350,000 tons of cargo annually, Toronto is a true North American gateway.

Toronto’s Public Transit System

Toronto’s public transit system is the second largest in North America and has the highest per-capita ridership rate in North America. More than 2,400 subway vehicles, buses and streetcars make it easy for more than 1.4 million riders to travel throughout the city daily.

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