Toronto Must-See

When it comes to Toronto, the choices of things to do are endless. Your options range from seeing a professional sports team from a wide variety of Toronto’s teams which include, the Jays, the lease, the raptors, the rock or FC. Downtown Toronto also offers a wide variety of venues some of which include the ACC and Molson amphitheater. There is always a concert going somewhere in Toronto and most of these events always take place downtown. Other popular choices include Ontario Place as well as the Toronto Islands. If you happen to be a history and museums buff, then it is worth mentioning some of the more popular museums which include the Royal Ontario Museum and the hockey Hall of Fame.

Shopping is a popular activity for many visitors and one of the best places to get your shopping done center located in the heart of downtown. There are also several hundreds of stores located around young Street and Queen Street. There are also several world-renowned restaurants located around downtown core of Toronto.

The following are Toronto’s must-see and must-do activities.

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