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When To Go To Melbourne

Because of its variable climate, there is no ideal best time to visit the city of Melbourne. The entire state of Victoria has some of the most unpredictable weather in all of Australia and Melbourne is no exception. In summer (December-March), the heat can reach up to 45°C, but a rainstorm can quickly lower the temperature to 20°C in minutes. In winter (July-August) you can expect strong southern winds, ice and cold rain.

Summer in Melbourne

The summer months, from December to February are the busiest months in terms of tourism, particularly in the month of December. The entire city is abuzz with festivals and major events. During these busy months, many hotels are booked solid, the bars are packed and you can expect long waits for taxis. The average summer temperature in Melbourne is around 26°C. Keep in mind that many shops, cafés and restaurants in Melbourne are closed during the week between Christmas and New Year.

Fall in Melbourne

Melbourne in the fall is a lot quieter than in the summer. There are less tourists and the lines for the key attractions are generally shorter. There is a slight peak in tourism during the Easter school holiday, particularly around the coastal regions.

Winter in Melbourne

Winter in Melbourne is quite unpredictable. The two coldest months in Melbourne are June and July, where the high temperatures reach 14°C.

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