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AFL Grand Final

The AFL Grand Final is the Australian Football League (AFL) championship game that is held every year at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The game has become one of Australia’s most significant sporting events, featuring various traditions and activities.

The Grand Final has traditionally been played on the final Saturday in September each year and is referred to in popular Australian culture as the One day in September. The winner of the Grand Final is presented with the AFL Permiership Cup along with the Premiership Flag.

The AFL Grand Final sells out every year and is watched by a television of more than 3 million people. The match also attracts a worldwide audience of nearly 30 million people.

The entire city of Melbourne turns into one big party scene during the AFL Grand Final. The match is displayed on large-screen at Federation Square and many pubs and bars display the event on big screens. The traditional Grand Final parade, which attracts up to 100,000 fans is one of the traditions associated with the event. This parade, held at lunch time on the Friday before the Grand Final, features the players from the competing sides.

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