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Located in south-east Australia, the city of Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria. As Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Australia. The city of Melbourne is known as a center of arts, commerce, education, sports industry and tourism.

With a population growing slightly less than 4,000,000 people, Melbourne is widely known as the cultural and sporting capital of Australia. Ever since hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2006, Melbourne has been labeled a sports fan’s city. The city of Melbourne is proud of its football, cricket, rugby teams along with horse racing. The city prides itself on hosting large sporting events that attract thousands of visitors each year.

Melbourne: Australia’s Sporting Capital

Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia. Every year, the city fills its 110,000-seat stadium during the grand finale of the spectacular footy, known as Australian Football. There is also the popular Australian Open which takes place in Melbourne along with the Formula 1 Grand Prix that Melbourne has hosted since 1996. Melbourne is also the only city in the world to offer its residents a general holiday for a horse racing event, the famous Melbourne Cup.

The city contains a wealth of Victorian architecture and contemporary, with lots of character that exudes from its core.

Melbourne, which has 3 million inhabitants, is considered to be the main intellectual, academic and cultural center of Australia. Melbourne contains some of the most prestigious universities in Australia. Melbourne’s artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, musicians are world-renowned.

Melbourne: A Multicultural City

Melbourne is a Multicultural city. Melbourne’s neighborhoods are mixed socially, culturally and ethnically.

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