Getting Around Melbourne

Getting Around Melbourne By Walking

Walking is a great way to discover Melbourne. The “city” of Melbourne is a rectangle of less than 2 km by 1 km. The suburbs of Melbourne, in contrast, stretch out over tens of kilometers.

Getting Around Melbourne By Tram And Bus

Melbourne is well served by a transportation system that consists of a network of trams and city buses.

Getting Around Melbourne By Train

Melbourne is very proud of its mini-metro, the Loop (Loop) whose first stations were opened in February 1981. The main commuter rail station is located at the corner of Swanston and Flinders St (Flinders Street Station).

Getting Around Melbourne By Taxi

Orientation in Melbourne

Swanston Street is the main north-south artery of the City. The two main east-west streets are Bourke St., and Collins St., where many of the skyscrapers, banks and major hotels are located. South of the Yarra River, Swanston St becomes St. Kilda Rd.

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